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Why Hire a GORP Guide





  • Clients report that the value of their experience was improved by 85-100% because they hired a guide!

  • GORP Guides have successfully demonstrated their knowledge

GORP Guides are able to:

  1. Provide guests with region-specific knowledge that will optimize their experience

  2. Identify 101 Species of local animals and plants

  3. Tell guests interesting facts about your state and country, including history, events and natural features

  4. Work with tourism industry organizations.

  5. Be knowledgeable about public natural resource management and how to work with them.​​

  6. Provide quality customer service for various types of clients.​​

  7. Help clients deepen their appreciation and care for wildlife management and the environment.

  8. Use interpretive communication skills to enhance the clients’ experience.​​

  9. Adapt services to client interests.

GORP Certified Guides are

Industry-Recognized Professionals

  • Adventure travel is an extremely diverse and expanding industry, making guiding and outfitting competitive.

  • The GORP program provides a means for guides to stay current with industry trends through continuing education opportunities. 


  • The content is aligned with the international voluntary best practice standards compiled by guide businesses with the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA). 

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