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Descriptions of Online Training & Certification
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Oregon Bundle

This is for those operating in Oregon and includes the Global, United State, Oregon Courses with option to include the Coastal Oregon Course

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Kayak Front

Other US States

In 2021 we responded to requests and added content courses for Hawaii, Wisconsin and South Carolina. We also added a local Region Course for each of these states

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Blue Skies

Want New Country, State or Region?

Our training systems allows use for any country, state/province/department, and local tourism region. To collaborate please contact us

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Planet Made of Plastic


This course is for all guides and provides a broad mix of key topics including best practices as outlined in the International Adventure Travel Trade Association Guide Standard, Customer Service, Group Management, Basic Ecology, Industry Terms and Organizations and more.

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Outdoor Activity

Global and National (United States) Combination

This is available and usable by anyone working anywhere in the United States. You can simply promote it as is, or collaborate to track usage and impacts etc.

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Global en Espanol (Spanish) 

A Spanish language version of the Global Course has been created and is in Beta (Testing Phase. If you would like to use or collaborate on this Spanish language content please contact us

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Pricing for the set of 4 as a bundle is normally $240, currently discounted to $96. Individual courses are normally  $75 Global, $45 National, $75, State, $45 Local, 

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