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Testimonials from Professional Guides

“I would recommend this course to others, for their own development and for strengthening the [guiding] industry.”

GORP Guides are

industry-recognized professionals

  • Adventure travel is an extremely diverse and expanding industry, making guiding and outfitting competitive.

  • The GORP program provides a means for guides to stay current with industry trends through continuing education opportunities. 


  • The content is aligned with the international voluntary best practice standards compiled by guide businesses with the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA). 

 The online courses are organized into four core courses which can be done independently but full certification involves completion of 4 courses that include local region content.
Global - This content addresses topics any guide would use. It is available in English and Spanish and anyone in the world can take the course. 1 of 4 course program
Nation: Currently United States is available. Anyone can take the course. 1 of 4 course program
State: State/Territory/Province specific content. See List of currently available courses 1 of 4 course program
Local Region: Generally defined by Tourism region within a state. As of January 2021 Only Coastal Oregon is available for local regional training.
Webinars are available to all guides.
These online training courses can be added or integrated into local live skills training.


Not what we have But what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance.