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Testimonials from Professional Guides

“I would recommend this course to others, for their own development and for strengthening the [guiding] industry.”

“This course is a step in the right direction in raising the level of professionalism…It made me think about elements of my profession I could further learn about.”

“It’s an excellent overview of questions often asked by clients…The tidbits were worth remembering. Gives me something to talk about.” 

GORP Guides are

industry-recognized professionals

  • Adventure travel is an extremely diverse and expanding industry, making guiding and outfitting competitive.

  • The GORP program provides a means for guides to stay current with industry trends through continuing education opportunities. 


  • The content is aligned with the international voluntary best practice standards compiled by guide businesses with the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA). 

You are Important to Communities
Guides, Tour Operators and Outfitters, your services are a key component of the tourism & outdoor recreation industry. In 2018, tourism in the state of Oregon was a $12.3 billion industry!
Your business provides a valuable contribution to the local economy, the environment, and community social well being!
Help your guests to better understand your value
to our communities and to develop their passion for the outdoors!

WHAT: GORP is a training program developed to help market guides as professionals and raise the value of guide services to the public.

The program content is organized into four regions: Local, State, National, & Global.


The content provides a broad range of knowledge and skills including identification of 101 local species of plants and animals, knowledge of local history, natural resource agencies, tourism organizations, and economic impact, group management, customer service, sustainability, marketing, personal interpretation skills, and more.

Explore a new way of learning and training with the GORP Guide Program.


This program supports any existing training and blends online knowledge courses with live skills training. The four core online courses are designed to allow easy customization to any location.


The program was developed for and by guides in collaboration with University Extension faculty and tourism industry destination marketing and management organizations.

WHY: The main reason to complete the GORP program is to expand your knowledge and be recognized for your professional knowledge and skills.


Recognition in the GORP program differentiates professional guides from less-skilled, less trained, non-professionals.


Those that complete the GORP program will be awarded a certification and a package of marketing benefits including; GORP branded shirt, GORP logo vinyl for boat/truck, special listing on the OCVA web site, and other online marketing services. Lastly, the program format is flexible.


There is no required days or times each week to complete your coursework. You decide where to fit it into your work schedule.

Not what we have But what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance.